Hybrid Middleware

CubiTV hybrid DVB/IP/OTT Middleware   combines the benefits of traditional DVB linear TV programming with the advantages of interactive functionality. The native application framework perfectly utilizes STB hardware resources, offering a highly responsive user interface even on cost-effective entry-level devices. With CubiTV hybrid Middleware, traditional pay-TV operators can easily unify the user experience across their set-top boxes and smoothly introduce services such as Video-on-Demand, OTT, and social media.

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Open Middleware Platform

CubiTV Middleware products are built on top of an open software framework. With the use of CubiSDK, operators and 3rd parties can easily customize the user interface or extend Middleware’s functionalities, without the support of a Middleware provider. A community of software development partners ensures access to skilled programming teams around the globe. Feature-rich foundation libraries as well as a number of supported SoC platforms significantly reduce time-to-market for new products.

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